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About the Brand

About the Brand

Based in Los Angeles with a global mission, Fortuned Culture is a jewelry line rooted in social responsibility and giving. Partnering with charities in Ethiopia and Mexico, it helps children on two continents.

How They Help

  • Children
  • Health
  • Education
  • Nutrition

Where They Help

  • North America
  • Africa
This Brand helps these countries >

Meet the Founder

HOW DID FORTUNED CULTURE BEGIN? As a child, I often traveled from my home in the U.S. back to East Africa to visit friends and family. That experience instilled in me an understanding of the opportunity gap that exists around the world. As an adult, I became involved with the Fregnet Foundation and its work in Ethiopia, and I felt I could leverage fashion and jewelry to generate funding for their programs.

DESCRIBE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR PRODUCTS AND HOW THEY GIVE. We take a thoughtful approach to producing fashion-forward accessories. Each piece has its own way of giving to someone in need. For example, the sale of our “Wisdom” bracelet provides one year’s supply of books, school supplies and uniforms to a child. Our “Love” bracelet pays a teacher’s salary for six months.

YOU RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS INSPIRED BY MEXICO. TELL US ABOUT THEIR MEANINGS AND THE WAYS THEY HELP. The arrow bangle is illustrative of finding one’s direction. It provides one orphan at Corazon de Vida with transportation to and from school for six months.

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