About the Brand

About the Brand

Manufacturing bags, clutches and accessories with locally sourced textiles and hand-tooled leathers, Cleobella is a fashion line that employs local artisans in Bali, embracing craftsmanship and simplicity.

How They Help

  • Job Creation

Meet the Founders

WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM? Angela: We fell in love with Bali after spending a year traveling abroad. It made sense to give back by shining a light on the amazing work being done by its craftspeople. The heritage, patterns and people of this special place remain at the heart of Cleobella. Our work with local artisans helps provide them with a sustainable income, which we hope helps to make an impact on the community.

IN ADDITION TO CREATING JOBS IN BALI, HOW DOES CLEOBELLA DO GOOD? Jim: We support CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE is very important to us because it strives to better the lives of women through community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, and expand economic opportunity. For the products here in Marketplace, Cleobella is donating 10% of all sales to CARE.

TELL US ABOUT THE ARTISANS YOU WORK WITH. Angela: We work with four small, home-industry manufacturers, which then work with more than 75 artisans to bring our designs to life.

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