About the Brand

About the Brand

31 Bits creates opportunity for more than 100 women in Northern Uganda who turn recycled paper into a line of colorful jewelry. In addition to a fair and consistent income, 31 Bits provides training and counseling to the women.

How They Help

  • Job Creation
  • Education
  • Women

Meet the Founders

HOW DID YOU START 31 BITS? Kallie: In 2007 I traveled to Northern Uganda and met some incredible women who were making jewelry from paper beads but didn’t have a way to market and sell them. I brought a box of jewelry home with me, put together a business plan and recruited some friends. And we launched in 2008.

HOW DOES THE DEVELOPMENT SIDE WORK? Jessie: We do more than buy their necklaces and bracelets. The women who work with us are part of a structured program that helps them develop skills through vocational and financial training. Allie: Within three to five years, we want each beneficiary to graduate with a way of earning a sustainable living beyond 31 Bits, either by starting her own business or joining an existing one.

BEYOND PROVIDING A LIVELIHOOD, HOW DOES THE PROGRAM HELP? Anna: Approximately one-third of our beneficiaries are HIV positive. By providing AIDS and health education, they’re able to receive guidance on how to take their medicine and stay healthy. Brooke: We also provide mental-health counseling. Many of our women have undergone abuse and traumatizing events that they are addressing for the first time in their lives.

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