We believe commerce can be about more than just profits.
But it takes more than belief to make this a reality. So we're giving other social entrepreneurs a platform right here on our site to help them succeed. Introducing The Marketplace, a new destination for making a difference.

The Marketplace is a departure for TOMS in many ways. First off, it isn't about us. It's about something much bigger. It's about these emerging companies, their products, their causes and the idea that business can help improve lives.


This marketplace also embraces different kinds of giving. From the very beginning, we've followed a simple model. When you purchase something, we give something similar: One for One ®.


But many items here give in different ways. Some provide improved livelihoods and economic opportunity to individuals who otherwise might not find employment. Other products use a portion of their proceeds to support education, fight hunger or fund reforestation. What they all have in common is a belief that everyday purchases can create positive change.


By opening up to new ways of giving, we can address a whole new world of needs. After all, if you want to create change, you have to be open to change yourself. Join us, and let's do even more good together.

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Black Tribal Print Tote
Raven + Lily
Chasing Triangles Cuff
Noonday Collection
Picked Plum Scarf
Noonday Collection
Dark Coral Simon iPad Case
Krochet Kids intl.
Echo 8 Strand Gold Bracelet
Raven + Lily
Nautical Stripe Totepack
Stone + Cloth
Silver Leather Wood Bangles
Raven + Lily
Partner Story
Partner Story
Founder of the Honest Company
Jessica Alba's brand helps babies in need.