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One for One®

What we do & why we do it

We can help solve a treatable global issue

Around the world, 285 million people are blind or have a visual impairment. 80% of those cases can be cured or treated.

Our Mission

With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.®

The way you shop can change the world.

New shoes lead to better health and education

Millions of children have inadequate footwear or no shoes at all. Yet shoes can:

  • protect from infection, parasites, and disease
  • complete a school uniform, providing access to education

Your eyewear purchase helps others see

We support sustainable eye care organizations so they can provide people in need with:

  • prescription glasses
  • medical treatment
  • sight-saving surgery

Pair up with locals

We work with local humanitarian organizations to help those in need. Your gifts are integrated into existing development programs, giving shoes and eye care an even greater long-term impact.

Your new shoes help other kids move forward

We give new shoes that are specifically designed for the children who will wear them. Shoe distributions are often paired with education about hygiene and healthy behaviors.

Envision a better future

Restoring sight to one person improves the lives of many. Adults go back to earning an income, and their caregivers can return to school or work. Children regain confidence and success in school.

Sustainable giving in over 50 countries

As more customers join our movement, we can make long-term commitments to our Shoe and Sight Giving Partners. This provides opportunities to provide kids with shoes as they grow, and for consistent outreach to communities without access to eye care.

Change the road ahead

Shoes can play a real role in children's health, educational attainment, and self-esteem. And healthy, confident children who can attend school have a better chance for a successful future.