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SKU: UC110132-BLUE
TOMS Flag iPhone® 4 Case top TOMS Flag iPhone® 4 Case hero TOMS Flag iPhone® 4 Case side

TOMS Flag iPhone® 4 Case

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Now you can fly your flag on the back of your iPhone®!


Now you can fly your flag on the back of your iPhone®!

  • 100% Polycarbonate plastic
  • Hard shell with soft matte finish
  • One-piece snap-on design
  • Protects from bumps/scratches
  • Fits all iPhone® 4 models (4/4s)
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Ratings & reviews ( 8 )

4.7 stars

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  • 5

    Love Style - 03/27/2014

    I love this phone case but it does get dirty really fast because of the
    material. Still, protects really well.

    I hope you come out with one for the iPhone 5 & 5S!

  • AWESOME - 03/11/2014

    Dont let the cheap price fool you! This case is fantastic quality. Its fits
    tightly on my phone and provides ample protection without add bulk. Love it!

  • 5

    Rad! - 03/20/2013

    This was the best iPhone4 case I had, I got so many compliments on it

  • 5

    Amazing!! - 03/08/2013

    This case is awesome!! it fits perfectly for the iPhone 4s. The camera and
    buttons are all 100% accessible. I have had so many people give me comments
    and ask me what Toms is and I love telling them!

  • 5

    Sweet! - 02/17/2013

    $7? Soo Affordable! I Wish They Could've Cut A Little Bit Where The Camera Is,
    But Eh, It's Alright . I Love That Case!

  • 5

    AMAZING - 11/20/2012

    perfect, and 7 dollars ? You can beat that !

  • 5

    Finally! - 11/01/2012

    ive been waiting/looking for some kind of TOMS iphone case forever. sooo
    excited when i saw this and bought it right away. $7?? of course! soo cheap
    and fits perfectly. love it!

  • 5

    Perfect! - 10/04/2012

    I hoped TOMS would make an iPhone case for quite some time and here it is!
    It's a perfect fit without adding any bulk to the phone's shape. Love it!